Monday, November 22, 2010

The Human Google

For some time now people have called me with questions. Not anything specific but general knowledge questions. What were the next door neighbors' names on the tv show "Alf?"  Who shot J.R.?  How fast does a cheetah run? Apparently young Fox is thought of as the human Google.  But what are the reaches of the greatest search engine ever? Can it find me love? Will it balance my checkbook? Can it show me how to start a revolution in my country? The answers may surprise you!

Google can and does do all the things I mentioned. Google has surpassed its original form as a basic search engine. Google has become a brand name, a verb, a subject, a compliment, and a way of life. I for one think of Google as a worthy replacement for the whole God concept. Google has taken over the internet and pointed its sticky tentacles at world domination. I for one can't wait! 
Think about it. Instead of buying a Coca-Cola, you will be drinking Google-cola. Your next truck might be a Google 4x4. There will be Google condoms with ads that say "Trust us, we know everything. Wrap it up!"
I for one am prepared to submit to the beast known as Google. I will lay down my life to honor and worship the great Monolith! Maybe I am giving a search engine too much credit but hey, if a crazy Jewish carpenter can convince the world that he is God then Google can surely manage a little world domination!

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  1. First, I want to say I love the way you see the world around you. You are sooo.....romantical.
    I would buy Google-Cola. I can see it now, worn t-shirts that have made it around the world and back again to African villages with little kids running around playing soccer in the middle of a dirt road with a Google-Cola t-shirt on. And young Fox, you have such an imagination - "Trust us, we know everything. Wrap it up."